7 Steps To Developing Good Habits

If there is one thing you absolutely want to master is the power of habits. It’s what separates those who succeed from those who don’t. It’s habits. Habits of time, money, focus, fitness relationship.

Well Sarah shared an article for us that sums up some great points on how to develop good habits.


7 Steps To Developing Good Habits

Have you ever found yourself toiling away laboriously but not achieving your goals? It certainly can be perplexing. Many have experienced this situation and are rather curious as to what might be hampering their progress. Most of them think that there must be something wrong in what they are doing.

In reality, working laboriously and being productive are two different things. You can work extremely hard but produce very little while you can be productive with minimal effort. The key here is to have a plan, a strategy on how to meet the goals or objectives in easy, short steps. That is being productive, which is a good habit to develop.

If you assess the situation first, review your resources and devise a strategic plan that shows you the path to success, then your productivity will increase. If you do not make shortcuts along the way, you’re exercising a good habit. If your goals are smaller and attainable, your work will pay off. But if you just proceeded to work without any direction, chances are you’ll be going round and round without achieving much success.

This infographic, which cleverly outlines the simple steps to develop good habits, can help you through tougher times. It’s something you can print out and paste on your wall, place on your desk or refrigerator, so you can be reminded everyday to develop good habits.

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

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So share with us some of the tips and tricks you have used to develop powerful habits.

For me getting up early is one habit I have tried to develop with great success in getting up and staying up by first setting two cell phones to go off. One is in the kitchen and is set to go off really loud. Loud enough to wake up the entire house. The second one is right net to me bed and it’s set to go off 5 minutes before the loud one. That way it gently wakes me up. But this forces me to get up because I don’t want to wake up the family.

Then I go and stand in the garage or sit on a stool in the middle of the garage and do my praying and reading there because if I sit down on the easy chair I easily fall right back to sleep.

My goal is to do this for 60 days to establish this waking up at 5:00a as a new habit. Now I just need on eto go to bed before midnight 🙂

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