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The Gurus of Indian Classical Dance & How It Relates to Business & Life

Okay so I thought I would share an experience I recently had while I was traveling in Singapore at the beginning of Jan. It has really given me hope and the insights really helped me understand my own journey better. It’s funny because you really never know where your greatest lessons may come from! Over […]

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The True Worth Of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving! It’s a holiday which mean so much to so many! For some it marks the holiday season, for others it the reuniting of family and friends to share a special meal. For others the memories are not so pleasant! This year I find myself wanting to do something unique in hopes of reawakening the […]


People Of Value

In life we meet all kinds of people but ocassionally some cross our path that make a diffrence in many ways. Those people are people of true value and if we are wise we will sourround ourselves with them and let them add value when ever it is needed and when it is not needed.┬áDuring […]


Global Shift Unveiled!

Greetings Fellow Success Travelers! How are you doing? Just wanted to let you know that the results are in for the Global Shifts seminar. Looks as if July will be the date! July 10th, 11th, and12th 2008! I have some great things lined up for this global shifts event and I am working with the […]