Demystifying Internet Marketing

So here is a scenario that seems to come across my desk rather frequently.

A client comes to me who is struggling to make their marketing work and they have abandoned traditional marketing because of cost and are looking for a more effective form of marketing that is more cost effective. In other words they want to optimize their online marketing efforts.

That can be a challenging task for them because while it may appear to more cost effective, if done right, for most it flops because they either get poor, or worse, wrong advise, or because of their unfamiliarity, they get lost in the myriad of things that could be done and fail to executing the necessary tasks properly, or not at all.

In this post my goal is to help you simplify and make sense of this powerful form of communication and help you to grasp the primary keys to keep your eye on.

In short my hope is to demystify the whole Internet Marketing thing.

So here it goes…

Now the key to understanding complex operations is to break them down into systems and then create gauges to monitor those systems. It is very similar to the operations of an airplane. You have

  • Power systems,
  • Flight control systems,
  • Emergency systems,
  • Communication systems
  • Navigational Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Oxygen & Decompression Systems est.

Then you have the gauges to monitor both the systems as well as your course headings and altitudes to make sure you are safely on course to your desired destination.

Well Internet Marketing has primary systems which we will discuss later and then really only has 3 primary gauges to keep your eyes on.

With this information you should be able to:

  1. Track what is going on in your business
  2. Be better equipped to identify what needs to be done


Well for one big reason…so you can enjoy building a business that produces the life you desire for you and your family.

But another cool benefit  is so you don’t get hoodwinked into buying the latest software trick, get rich quick gimmick, or next internet buzz.

Especially when you may be getting desperate to generate revenue quickly.

One main rule to never abandon is to remember that the same fundamentals apply to online marketing, or better said, exposure as to traditional Marketing.

Those fundamentals include: (A Plan)

  • Knowing what to do with your budget,
  • Time you have available to you.
  • Targeting your market,
  • Frequency of exposure,
  • Consistency of Message,
  • Making your message relevant & timely,
  • Engaging them in real conversations,
  • Developing a relationship,
  • Closing the deal,

Here are the primary objectives to gauge and track. While the tactics in each objective are not inclusive by any means, these are the three primary categories that most everything will fall into…


1) Get Traffic to your site.
Remember there are no free ways to get traffic. They will either cost you time or money. If you don’t have the financial resources you will have to get creative and barter or do the work yourself that will get people to see your online message.

Remember time IS money. What ever your time is worth, is what your investment will be to do the job.

Some of the ways to get traffic to your site include:

  • Social media (Participation & engagement)
  • Guest Blogging Posts
  • Banner adds
  • Link trading
  • Viral video’s
  • Word of mouth
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Joint Venture – Mailing their data bases
  • Press Releases
  • Article submission
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Face Book, Linked In, & other portal adds
  • Texting
  • Mobile Apps
  • TV commercials
  • Radio Talk Shows
  • Magazines
  • Lead Companies
  • Cold calling
  • Advertising in Movie Theaters
  • Bill Boards
  • Automobile advertising
  • ect


2) Converting Visitors who visit your site.

This is done by really connecting with your audience either through good copy and/or video that engages your visitor and helps them to emotionally connect with you. If you’ve done your job right then they will naturally desire to take action to either purchase your product or sign up for your News Letter.

Basically it so engages your visitor to connect with you any way they can and they feel they have to do it NOW.

For the newbies here there are mechanical things you can look at such as how your page is laid out, colors, font sizes, images buttons, sure they all play a role and can greatly improve those conversions. An excellent free resource to help you in this is a firm called Marketing Experiments (ME). ME is a research laboratory with a simple (but not easy) seven-word mission statement: To discover what really works in optimization. They focus all of their experimentation on optimizing marketing communications. To that end they test every conceivable approach and publish the results (at no charge) in the Marketing Experiments Journal (subscribe).

UglyGuyBeautifulWomanBut let’s face it. It’s not necessarily how things look. If that were the case then how in the heck do some of the ugliest guys get the most beautiful women? We’ll let’s just say it’s the content.

There are some pretty ugly looking sites and some really basic ones but they sure have some great content and they really know how to connect with their readers and how to keep them engaged. And people keep coming back again and again, no matter how slow it loads.


3) Keep Subscribers/Customers/Clients Engaged and alive.

Subscribers have busy lives and get easily distracted with life as we all do.

So keeping them engaged involves thinking about what is important to them, both in content and in delivery methods, and positioning your articles, posts, online workshops and offerings in such a way that they look for them actively when your content arrives.

There is one guy out there in the Internet Marketing Space (IMS) that when his email arrives, I always open it. Why because he has great content, he knows his stuff and he’s cool.

Your customers and clients are real human beings who you should care for, not a check or a profit. So if you treat them that way and they know you care, you will greatly increase your odds that your subscribers will stay engaged with you.

Keep in mind as well that at the same time, like any human being, we must be properly trained to know your emails are really important to us, that they are timely and very necessary to our present situation. Most importantly we need to know that acting on your email NOW, will really help us.

But remember…”It must be true PERIOD!”

Be forewarned….

Once you wrte several emails that just are not relevant or can help them immediately, they will give you the dreaded (HG)

Black SpotBlackSpot and will frequently, if ever, open your emails from that point on.

This can be easily seen in your tracking and open rates in your auto-responder software.

But there is hope to get them back online and engaged in your content again which we will discuss on a later post.


So there you have it. Those really are the primary things to keep focused on.

A little trick I learned years ago from my mentor Jim Rohn was to create a binder with a dash Board and tabs. No one really looks at files but a 3 ring binder on your desk is easy to open and see the pages. You can use technology but usually I find that it crashes or the battery runs out right when you need it most. With the three ring binder you create a tab for the three primary objectives and then create sub tabs for all the tactics you will use. Then you can create smaller gauges to make sure each tactic is producing the results you want as well as to tweak for optimal results. I’ll show you in a later post what exactly I’m talking about so I don’t bore you or overwhelm you.


Now the next step is to assemble a solid online plan while keeping those objectives in mind. You may wish to have some one help you, or you can wait for my next post 🙂

Either way PLEASE REMEMBER If you don’t have a solid online marketing plan then you will be open to being sold every latest trick and gimmick in the book in hopes of getting your website to earn money.

Just think “Building a House” What would you do first? Then next and so on and so on. You certainly would not put in air-conditioning before the foundation right? Even though it is needed you have to start first with the foundation.

If you want help then feel free to take a look at my strategic planning system called “Strategic Freedom” It’s a power packed tool box designed by modeling the most successful military team today. This book alone reveals the secrets that has not only enabled the most infamous helicopter team in America to become the best, but also has assisted Barron Hilton of Hilton Hotels, T. Allen McArtor CEO of Legend Airlines, Ross Perot Jr, and many more to achieve unparalleled success. There is a special right now that expires on May 15th where you can  get this powerful $1,000 system for a one time offer of only $49.97

Feel free to share your ideas or thoughts to help our readers.

Until next time remember to always “Fly Right”


Roger Gauthier
“In the right key you can say anything;
in the wrong key nothing. The only
delicate part of life is establishing the
key.”~ George Bernard Shaw
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