Dirty Word Generates Trillions in Revenue

Language is a most complex and interesting dynamic.

Language not only separates and divides but it can also unify and unite. Be it families, nations or business.

Language can rally soldiers to give their lives and convert the desperate to find meaning in life. These compilations of words are in fact “containers of power” that have the power to inspire & create or depress & kill. They produce the fruit of results when heard in the mind and registered in the heart.

What many neglect to realize is that words produce images that when acted upon create the results they have in their life.

Well one dirty little word has both impoverished masses and made trillions for those wise enough to harness it.

What is that dirty little word?

Let me just say that if you have a significant other in your life, have a job, can never seem to get what what you desire, or your fit or fat, then I can say unequivocally that you are already using it.

Truth be told every single human being uses it every single day, rain or shine, in order to decide what to do, where to go, what to eat, what to watch & read, and what to talk about.

The profound dirty little word I’m talking about if you have not already guessed it by now is….


Or another classy version is “Influence”

Those who understand it’s capabilities and are willing to harness it can live a life most only dream about.

Thousands of books have been written about the subject and a handful of them are worth reading which you can find at the bottom of this post.

But if your going to EXCEL or achieve anything, you must master this dirty little word.

If you think about it you already have. You use it to “sell” yourself in every decision you make. Even the one that says “Oh I cannot sell.” As I tell my clients “Congratulations you just sold yourself on the fact that you cannot sell.”

So It’s time to turn this dirty little piece of coal into a refined diamond gem so that you can achieve what truly is important in your life…The reality of your GOD given destiny. You do have one by the way, no matter what you are selling yourself on. Now it’s time to achieve it.

Some great books I have read so far to master this skill that I feel are worth reading are as follows.

Investigative Selling” by Omar Periu
Selling Among Wolves” by Michael Pink
Selling The Invisible” by Harry Beckwith
The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino

If you want more you can catch a list of some of the Top 20 Sales books here at Sales HQ

I would love to hear your experience with this truly beautiful word. What have you done to master it? Do share below.

To learn more about how to turn your vision into reality or to how to hone your entrepreneurial skills and improve your business then come and join us at the and discover how it pays to learn.

Remember to Fly Right.

Roger G.

Roger Gauthier
“In the right key you can say anything;
in the wrong key nothing. The only
delicate part of life is establishing the
key.”~ George Bernard Shaw
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