Talking Donkeys Saved 50,000 People From Dying!

ProfilePictuyre_WhiteBoarderI have one quick question to ask you that I hope will arrest your attention!

What if I told you that more than 50,000+ people died today that could have been spared if that one idea you have been stalling on or not moving forward with was the single idea that would have saved them?

Shattering concept yes?

Truth be told that’s how serious your ideas are in this scope of time we have been given called life! Don’t believe me? Watch our film http://WhosDependingOnYourDream.com again.

Sad truth is many never realize the full power of their true dream and why they have been given it. Even worse is that they find themselves trapped in a line of thinking that ends up taking their GOD inspired idea right to the grave with them when they die.

Some of that thinking goes like this “Well I’m happy with my life and my job and I make plenty of money to get by and be comfortable”

That lie has stolen more dreams than any other because it deceives the receiver of that line of thinking into believing they are living their dream and that all is well.

Shockingly that is so far from the truth that it’s scary!

While you may be at peace you will never be truly content unless you are growing in your reach to help others with their lives. Why? because we were created to be a vessel that allows the Love of GOD to flow through us in our respective fields.

So whether you are a banker at the highest levels, a guru in your field, a small mom and pop operation or even an employer for some one else, your total happiness and joy will only be found in following the truth that enables you to give life to those you come into daily contact with. 

Each person we meet is dealing with their own life challenges that are usually a result of a lack of information and support. Interestingly you’ll discover that the information and support that they need is often right inside you.

Just tonight my neighbor who is sort of paranoid, who’s being transferred to open an office on the other side of the state, was worried for his wife. Seems his electric garage door broke and he didn’t trust the technician who was going to charge him $300 and have access to his home when his wife was alone. So what did I have? An answer to his problem.

Even you right now I’m sure you are dealing with problems that are trying to get your attention.

TalkingDonkeysThose problems are “Your Talking Donkey” In the book of antiquity Numbers 22:33 shares the story of Balaam who was adamant about going his own way, even when it was leading to his destruction. He thought he was doing the right thing even when he was not.

It got so bad that GOD had the very Donkey he was ridding turn and actually speak to him in a human voice.

Now that will get your attention wouldn’t you agree?

Well many of our problems are the “Talking Donkey” to get our attention saying “Hey you are headed down the wrong path.” Those talking donkeys will actually save 50,000+ people from dying if you’ll listen.

Come to find out my neighbor’s talking donkey was his garage that gave him time to finally reach out to me so we could connect and help relieve his fears.

What’s your talking donkey?

Is it that debt you can’t get out of or are hoping for a miracle to turn it around?

Is it your income or job loss?

Is your car always breaking down?

Is your business not growing or seems to be at a stand still.

Is it family problems or marital problems?

Maybe it’s a growing aching and void on the inside.

All these are “Talking Donkeys”

ThatEntrepreneurPitStop_order is why I created the Entrepreneur Pit Stop 


I knew based on my connections that some very tough times were a head and that learning new skills to reach a global audience was going to be critical for survival.

But how to do it when you have a job you dislike or have to scramble for a new one?

Then when you have to juggle family, and build something new in between…heck that can be tough even for the most seasoned entrepreneur. 

Of course when you throw in all the hype and those superficial people who use the fear of loss, and the “Market Molester strategies” as I like to say from JP & Deb at the RPM success group coined, you don’t know who to trust and where to start first.

So what happens?

You find yourself out of cash with less chances to getting out of the grave that your in. That my friend can be a scary thing when your faith is thin and your challenges are huge.

The answer is not a quick fix, but getting tied into the Entrepreneur Pit Stop can help you earn more than 5.K in under 30 days while giving you the time and space you need to learn new income producing skills, while at the same time provide an environment that protects you from the sharks, encourages you when times are difficult and gives you access to the right resources at the right time so that you can logically build your dream with minimal challenges and maximum success!

In short you GET PAID while YOU LEARN…How cool is that?

When was the last time a University told you they would pay you to learn? Much less pay you a minimum of 5.K per month?



That is what I wanted for you. A place to learn that is protected and could relieve your pressures on the home front to make your life transition easier than it is for most.

And the best part is that as life gets harder for more and more people, and believe me when I say that what we have seen is only the beginning,  you and you alone will hold the key for them to experience the life and freedom you will have.

Only thing is… will you find them before it’s too late?

As I discovered personally, I wish I reached out more aggressively to those at my Son’s school because what that poor young father needed was hope for his life, hope that may have been exactly what I was doing.

The same goes for you. Who around you is desperate right now and you don’t even know it?

Who around you is about to have their power turned off and you happen to have an extra $200 to $600 which is all they need for one more month till that job comes for them?

What if you were enrolled in the Entrepreneur Pit Stop and could give some one an extra 5.K per month?

What if you were making $5K to 20K extra per month? What could you do to help those around you?

This week I want to challenge you to stop making excuses and start looking for answers and for ways to help others.

Start by first helping those in need and especially those in debt.You cannot be at peace when those you care about are in debt or cannot pay their rent. Help some one out and pay their rent for a month.

We have a new program inside the Entrepreneur Pit Stop that pays you income up front and on the back side for every one you help get out of debt based on the total amount of debt they have. The minimum pay per referral is about $650 dollars per person who is $40,000 in debt that wants out. If they have more you make more.

You have a real opportunity to help others get out of debt inside the PitStop and then can plug them into the Income Accelerator which will not only help them pay off their debt faster but will also help both you and them make more than $5,K per month.

You can actually do this in under 120 days and in some cases much faster.

So please make a decision to get going and live your dream. Millions are depending on you and many will suffer as a result of you delaying on your dream. If you can help raise money to help others get clean drinking water why don’t you help others prosper so they too can help others?

Wouldn’t you like to earn more than 5,K per month and help those around you with the solutions that could turn their life around?

Join us then for Step One “Freedom From Debt” and enroll in the Income Accelerator inside Entrepreneur Pit Stop! I’ll connect with you again later this week!

In Your Service;



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